Risk & compliance management as an opportunity

Our consulting portfolio is divided into the three areas: risk management, compliance, and additional services. Since we understand risk & compliance management to be an integral part of every undertaking, our viewpoint, and thus the focus of the respective project, is based on your needs. We combine a holistic view with the specific challenges our clients face.

The subject of compliance has received more and more attention in recent years - not least as a result of an increasing number of high-profile criminal and penalty proceedings involving well-known major companies, their executives and employees. Subsequently, even medium-sized companies have started to review their operational structures and processes and review them in depth. Anyone who understands compliance properly and manages risks in an appropriate manner will recognise opportunities early on, avert corporate and financial damage from the company, and significantly reduce or even eliminate the personal liability risk of the company's management.

Our consulting activities focus on

Your added value

  • Proactive management through objective assessment and optimisation of existing risks and compliance requirements
  • Fewer compliance incidents and therefore fewer penalties (assets)
  • Increased transparency within purchasing processes
  • Competitive advantages through leaner and more efficient processes
  • Reduced personal liability
  • Awareness-raising/training for compliance-relevant aspects/topics
  • Transfer of contractual obligations (customer vs. supplier)
  • Maintaining or enhancing reputation 

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