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Our specialised companies are bound by their passion for efficiency and cost optimisation.

Gerd Kerkhoff

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Group

Corporate consultants for optimising the value creation chain – from purchasing, production and supply chain to all corporate controlling functions

Stephan Weaver

Head of Consulting
Kerkhoff Consulting

Corporate consultants for optimising the value creation chain – from purchasing, production and supply chain to all corporate controlling functions

Thomas Schmölzer

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Consulting Austria

Personnel service providers for the provision of experts and executives temporarily and permanently

Kathleen Buddenkotte

Kerkhoff Experts

Corporate consultants for a sustainable and market-based product strategy, cost-based product development and integrated optimisation of manufacturing costs

Bernd Stein

Kerkhoff Cost Engineering

Business consulting for game theory negotiation

René Schumann

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Negotiations

Consultants and managed service partners for the professionalisation and digitalisation of indirect product groups, plus multi-customer pooling of needs

Stephan Kunigk

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Indirect Procurement

Provider of software products, apps and benchmark data for cost calculation, analysis & market price indexing

Godo Lange-Hilmers

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Software

Advisory Board

Dr. Thomas Ludwig

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Thomas Ludwig has many years of professional expertise in the steel and trade sectors. From 1991 to 1995 he was a member of the Executive Board at Klöckner & Co AG, before joining the management team in 1995 at the Trade and Services division of the Thyssen Group, later known as ThyssenKrupp Group. There, he took over the position of CEO at ThyssenKrupp Serv AG. From 2003 to October 2009, Thomas Ludwig led Klöckner & Co SE as CEO. As of 1st January 2010, he has been the managing partner at the investment firm Lindsay Goldberg & Vogel GmbH in Düsseldorf, which represents the private equity fund Lindsay Goldberg, New York, in Germany.

Stefanie Kerkhoff (MBA)

Member of the Advisory BoardAfter studying at Bayreuth University, in 1993 Stefanie Kerkhoff joined the project business of TeKe - the consultancy OHG. She founded Kerkhoff Consulting together with her husband in 1999. As Commercial Director, Stefanie Kerkhoff was responsible for the Finance and HR Divisions in the German parent company and in the foreign subsidiaries. As part of these responsibilities, she developed the company into Kerkhoff Group GmbH. In 2013, Stefanie Kerkhoff joined the advisory board at Kerkhoff Group.

Contact HR, Communications and Services

Kathleen Buddenkotte

Head of Human Resources

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Kerkhoff Group GmbH
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Sascha Koch

Head of Services & Corporate Communications

Kerkhoff Group GmbH
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