The Bermuda Triangle of Business Procurement

The message of the procurement as a yield generator has not yet reached all executive management floors. The classic and simultaneously hazardous way to increase turnover through a rise of the marketing and sales budgets or personnel reduction still has priority. The magic formula is called "procurement optimization". With a modern procurement management, the yield can be immediately and sustainably increased; and NOT with a "price cutting at all costs". more

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1st edition - February 2005
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Global Sourcing - Opportunities for the Future

Globalization is often held responible for downsizing and increasing stress of competition. However, the opportunity to secure jobs and to strengthen one's own business and competitive situation lies in globalization itself. Professional global sourcing not only strengthens the entrepreneurial profit potential, which can be realized by sourcing from competent international suppliers. Kerkhoff encourages to regard the unstoppable globalization as an opportunity, and to ensure early competitive advantage. Practical examples and recommendations by the procurement expert Kerkhoff help conduct successful operations on the international stage of procurement. more

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1st edition - May 2006
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Capital Equipment Purchasing

Capital goods purchasing is considerably influencing the economic success of enterprises. Yet, the degree of professionalism of this special form of procurement has not yet reached the required level in many companies. And even from an academic point of view, that subject remains in the shadows. As compared to other major procurement groups, capital goods have numerous special features with crucial effects on the purchasing process. Accordingly, the process for the procurement of capital goods requires specific attention and systematic procedures in particular.  more

Based on these special features, numerous challenges result within the scope of capital goods purchasing. To be able to meet these challenges, the authors introduce a comprehensive process model as well as specific instruments and methods for capital goods purchasing. The following topics on capital goods purchasing are presented: 


  • Compliance management 
  • Savings measurement 
  • Life cycle costing und total cost of ownership 
  • Ascertaining optimum service life and optimum replacement time 
  • Real options for the evaluation of investment alternatives 
  • Performance contracting 

Readers are provided with a holistic and structured process model for capital goods purchasing. The comprehensive method set with its numerous instruments and methods will support the organization of professional capital goods purchasing.


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Ways out of the Working Capital Trap

The crisis is over, and demand is going up again. Yet, many companies have problems in providing the liquidity necessary for the economic upturn. They are caught in the working capital trap: They have higher financing needs but more difficult access to outside capital. "Wege aus der Working Capital-Falle" is the first part of the new academic book series "Advanced Purchasing & SCM" which Kerkhoff Consulting will be publishing in the future jointly with the Chair of Logistics Management at the University of St. Gallen; Springer-Verlag is the publishing house. The book series claims to bring together science and the economy. Both academics and practitioners may profit from concepts which consultants from Kerkhoff Consulting jointly designed with academics. more

Every cent by which companies are able to reduce their working capital will be subsequently available to them for renewed investment. The entire value chain is to be optimized for it: from purchasing and thus incoming goods via production – all the way to the sale of goods.

Thus, payment conditions in purchasing may be changed such that goods received may be paid as late as possible. Furthermore, inventories can be reduced by means of specific inventory management and coordinated delivery concepts, e.g. by vendor managed inventory or "just-in-time concepts". In production, the reduction of cycle times is essential. This requires minimizing set-up times, optimizing routes and flows and reducing lot sizes. On the sales side, factoring presents one possibility of bringing cash into the company.

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The following topics are dealt with in detail: • Purchasing performance measurement on the level of commodity groups and the procurement organization • Supplier evaluation and performance measurement on the level of the buyer-supplier relationship • Comprehensive systems for purchasing performance measurement, such as the procurement value added and the purchasing balanced scorecard • Performance-oriented incentive systems and bonus payments for buyers, procurement organizations and suppliers Readers are thus provided with comprehensive guidelines for the implementation and realization of sustained performance measurement and incentivization in purchasing.

  • Shows how to meet the challenges of performance measurement in purchasing.
  • Includes a comprehensive set of methods for performance measurement and incentivization in purchasing
  • Includes ten steps for "sustained" performance measurement in purchasing

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1st edition – September 2010
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1st edition – November 2011
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2011. 324 Pages, Hardcover
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